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Archive: Apr 2019

April 30, 2019

Blogger Takeover: Eat Drink Shrink’s Favorite Greens

Blogger Takeover: Eat Drink Shrink’s Favorite Greens Hi everyone! Gabrielle from Eat Drink Shrink here. As an MS Clinical Nutritionist, and almost 7 months pregnant, cooking full time has its perks! There is always food in the fridge, and food on the table. However, you […]

April 25, 2019

Culinary Inspiration for Beets, Cauliflower, and Kale from Farm Fresh Forks Chefs

This month Taylor Farms Foodservice in Yuma, Arizona donated some of our delicious fresh veggies to the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association’s Farm Fresh Forks. This program offers visitors an opportunity to taste the freshest and healthiest locally-grown products, with unique culinary twists created by talented […]

Win, Win: Increased Convenience, Decreased Food Waste

Many consumers want to eat healthy, fresh meals at home, but lack the time and cooking expertise to plan and prepare them. This is where our Chopped Salad Kits come in! Our kits are a quick, fresh, and nutritious solution for providing a home cooked […]

Taylor Farms Celebrates Fresh at The New York Produce Show

Taylor Farms attended The New York Produce Show and Conference this week to “celebrate fresh.” We had an awesome booth set up where we showcased our tasty Taylor Farms products including Stir Fry Kits and Chopped Salad Kits, and sampled two chopped salads: Farmhouse Bacon and Sweet Kale. We also had the opportunity […]

Superfood Spinach Recipes for Post-Thanksgiving Recovery

Now that Thanksgiving is over and everyone is satisfied with their turkey and stuffing intake, it’s time to break out the veggies! Spinach is the perfect nutritious vegetable for your post-Thanksgiving recovery needs. Team Taylor loves this superfood so much that we are sharing some […]