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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 – As our country continues to come together to fight the spread of COVID-19, Taylor Farms plays an important role in helping keep fellow Americans nourished and healthy. We must keep our operations running to grow, harvest, process, and deliver as much fresh food as possible. It’s more important than ever for all to have access to fresh and healthy foods.

We are focused on the wellbeing of our employees, customers, and partners, and committed to helping health officials contain the spread of the virus. To keep fresh food available for our fellow Americans, our employees are focused on keeping their families healthy, following the guidelines of social distancing and personal hygiene recommended by our government health organizations. We have implemented heightened safety measures in our facilities and field operations, as well as additional benefits to take care of our employees.


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MASKS are required for all team members and FACE SHIELDS are used in key areas and optional for all team members.
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DAILY WELLNESS CHECKS ensure team members are symptom-free and safe to work.
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SCHEDULDING MODIFICATIONS include extended gaps between shifts, smaller working teams, and staggered break times to ensure social distancing.

On March 24th, we announced the additional requirements of taking employee temperatures prior to entering our facilities and all employees wearing masks. We have implemented these requirements as thermometers and masks have come available.

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SOCIALLY DISTANCED workstations and common areas have been established to minimize interactions between team members.
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PAID LEAVE has been extended to enable team members who feel ill or have been in contact with sick individuals to stay home with pay.
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CONTINUOUS DEEP SANITIZATION of the facility is standard practice. We have adapted to an hourly intense cleaning and sanitation fogging of high-use areas.

On March 15th, the company initiated significant enhancements to best protect our team. We implemented extended paid sick leave so team members would stay home if they thought they were ill. We continue to educate all employees on the importance of vigilance, working in smaller groups, social separation, and personal and job site sanitation. We added sanitation personnel to continuously clean common areas in all our plants.

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HIGH CARE PRACTICES including full body protective gear, gloves, and frequent hand washing are standard practices to protect the health of our team and products
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BEST PRACTICES TRAINING to educate team members about social distancing, sanitization, and signs of illness. Take home hand sanitizer has been provided to employees to ensure best practice at home.
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LEADING FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS have always been a part of our process. Our USDA-certified SmartWash system kills viruses, resulting in safe, healthy, and wholesome food.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation. Thank you for your continued support as we work around the clock to keep our employees safe and keep healthy, fresh food on shelves across the country.



We are all working together diligently to make sure you have the fresh food you need while following best practices to keep everyone safe.

For additional information, please visit the websites listed below.