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La Gloria Elementary Thanks Team Taylor for Fresh Veggie Donations

Since January of this year, Team Taylor has been delivering fresh Taylor Farms produce each Friday to 200 kids in afterschool programs at Fairview Middle and La Gloria Elementary. Some of the favorite products included are Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits, Stir Fry Kits, Snack Trays, and Vegetable Medley Packages.

Students at La Gloria Elementary enjoying Taylor Farms Snack Trays


Students at La Gloria Elementary displaying their favorite snack trays

“We completed our final delivery of the school year this past Friday (June 2nd)  and the kids were helping me unloading at La Gloria as usual,” says Chrissy Fink, ‎Office Manager at Taylor Farms Retail, and regular volunteer for this program. “I started to leave and they said ‘Wait, we have something for you!’ I was surprised and went into the La Gloria cafeteria where a lot of the kids were waiting. They presented me with a ‘Thank You’ poster for Taylor Farms. I’ve hung up the sign in my office window, so everyone can see it!”

“Thank You” poster from La Gloria Elementary students

Taylor Farms is happy to participate in this inaugural food security program and looks forward to participating again next school year.


This program is part of the City of Gonzales’ initiative called The Gonzales Way – helping assist the town with its community health and wellness goals by providing the students and their families with wholesome, fresh food to supplement for weekend family meals.