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Living Green is Second Nature to Our Director of Sustainability

In honor of Earth Month, we wanted to sit down with our very own Director of Sustainability, Nicole Flewell, and ask her a little about what it’s like as Taylor Farms’ Queen of Going Green!

  1. Where did it all begin? Tell us about your road to becoming Taylor Farms’ Director of Sustainability?

My first grade teacher is the reason why I’m so passionate about sustainability…and her name was Mrs. Green (true story). I was fortunate to grow up in California where sustainability is a way of life. As I grew up and began to travel throughout the United States and the world, I realized that people had not had the same opportunities that I have had, to learn about the importance of protecting the environment. I found myself educating people at every opportunity I could. As I entered the workforce, I realized I could do this as a living, and the rest is history!

Engaging Team Taylor with a little creative “Recycling 101”

  1. What’s been your most rewarding project with Taylor Farms since you became Director of Sustainability?

The Taylor Farms Texas solar project is truly one of my proudest and rewarding moments. It was the first project in my current role that I saw through from start to finish, and it was such a great team accomplishment to bring such a significant sustainability project to a state that isn’t as well known for being very ‘green’! I’ve also loved watching Taylor Farms grow into the company that it is today, and having the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people over the years.

“Flipping the switch” on the Taylor Farms Texas solar installation in 2016!

  1. What are the three biggest things you have learned or things that have surprised you since you stepped into your role?
  • Recycling isn’t always easy, but it is SO important. You have to make it fun for people, I love to use silly games and signs around the office to grab people’s attention and give them a laugh throughout the day!
  • Having a passion for what you do makes the day fly by.
  • I am continuously excited about what the future holds. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing opportunity to do so much good in the world through our work in sustainability and providing healthy and fresh options for people.
  1. Taylor Farms is a progressive organization. Can you provide a glimpse into what’s next for the company, in terms of sustainability?

We are always excited about the future at Taylor Farms! We are going to continue pushing forward on our use of renewable and alternative energy, and we have some exciting announcements about waste coming soon…stay tuned!!

  1. We all know small changes from individuals can have a large impact. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious at home?

Reducing waste by using reusable materials, such as reusable water bottles and coffee mugs is the easiest way to have a large impact at home. Recycling is also critically important! I recommend that people reach out to their local recycling organizations to educate themselves on how to recycle right in their area. Reducing waste and recycling has such a large impact on our local communities!