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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Team Taylor Celebrates America Recycles Day

Yesterday was America Recycles Day and Team Taylor celebrated by hosting a fun and educational booth in the Salinas headquarter’s lobby.

The booth featured a recycling wheel with different types of recyclable material, people would spin and guess which bin the selected item should go in. If they guessed correctly, winners got an awesome sustainable prize! This event also gave Taylor Farms’ employees the opportunity learn more about recycling and ask their questions about the topic.

Some of the top questions were around what goes in which bin — with paper coffee cups, fountain soda cups, straws, and paper towels topping the list as the most confusing items (all of which go to landfill). There were also questions about typical office supplies that have multiple materials, i.e. – spiral notebooks (paper and metal) and binders (paper and plastic), all which can be recycled!


Ted Taylor and Alex Taylor of Taylor Farms


Bruce Taylor, Alec Leach, and Tom Bryan of Taylor Farms


Linda Taylor of Taylor Farms


Lauren Hattersley and Leonard Batti of Taylor Farms

“Ongoing recycling education is critical to achieve continuous improvement,” says Nicole Flewell, ‎Director of Sustainability, Taylor Farms. “We educate and train our employees so that we can all keep up with changing recycling regulations and make sure all new employees are up to date on internal programs. We are also encouraging employees to take their recycling to the next level, cleaning and rinsing out their to-go lunch containers, and encouraging people to use reusable items whenever possible.”

This America Recycles Day booth is just one of the ways Taylor Farms supports recycling efforts year round. Last week we started a “Break Room Challenge,” focused on improving recycling in the company break rooms. Last year we hosted a “Deskside Challenge,” which focused on educating our employees about recycling at their individual desks.

Earlier this year, Flewell hosted a lunch and learn, “Trash Talk,” where she talked with more than 80 employees about recycling best practices, with the goal of helping to eliminate recycling confusion.

We are very excited to see that recycling efforts are improving company-wide year round and we continue to stay dedicated to providing recycling education for employees and their families!



Natalie Givven and Jorge Santana of Taylor Farms