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As the leading producer of value-added produce in North America, Taylor Farms is dedicated to being thoughtful stewards of the land and environment.  For the past decade, we have been largely focused on sustainability projects around renewable energy and we’re very excited to announce that we’ve recently completed a 1 megawatt solar project at our Gonzales facility! This system offsets more than 10 percent of that facility’s energy consumption annually and is part of Taylor Farms’ commitment to investing in renewable energy sources across the country.


“Taylor Farms focuses on delivering healthy, delicious foods to consumers nationwide, as well as making a positive and sustainable impact on our community,” said Nicole Flewell, director of sustainability at Taylor Farms. “By equipping our facilities with solar panels and adopting renewable energy sources, we continue to move in that direction. Not only are we taking care of the environment but we’re also providing ourselves with reliable and cost effective energy to help produce the best products.”

We currently use renewable energy sources including solar, wind and fuel cells. The latest Taylor Farms system in Gonzales, California coupled with its existing wind turbine can offset more than 25 percent of that facility’s energy consumption during peak periods.


Taylor Farms partnered with REC Solar on this project, and previously to complete solar installations in Salinas, CA.

Watch this video for more on Taylor Farms’ commitment to solar energy.