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Whole Foods Employees Enjoy Our Chopped Salad Kits at Annual “Tribal Gathering” Event

Last week Taylor Farms was at Whole Foods Market’s annual “Tribal Gathering” event in Austin, TX. Over 1,200 management and executive level employees from all of the Whole Foods Market tribes from around the world gathered to meet select Whole Foods vendors and try their newest products. Only two companies from each grocery department were invited, so we were very honored to be there representing the produce industry! In our booth, we passed out samples of our tasty Organic Chopped Salad Kits for Whole Foods team members to enjoy. 

“We had so many Whole Foods employees come up to the table excited to see us because they love our salad kits,” said Tricia Seduski, Retail Sales, Taylor Farms. “Everyone had a favorite, and it was great to hear their stories. One particular employee said she buys our kits almost daily, with Sriracha Ranch being her favorite. Others loved that we have dairy free options in our lineup. It’s fun to see how much people enjoy the products that we’ve worked to develop.”

Taylor Farms’ Tricia Seduski and Courteney Nelson serving organic chopped salad kit samples to Whole Foods team members

One Whole Foods employee shared a story about her 17-year-old son; he will grab a Chopped Salad Kit out of the fridge and take it with him to school for lunch. Another said that the kit was perfect for a quick, healthy meal, “I was late to an event and if it wasn’t for your salads I wouldn’t have eaten, they make my life so much easier and they are so convenient to eat.”

Adri Crawford, Courteney Nelson, and Tricia Seduski of Taylor Farms

Tasty, nutritious, convenient and enjoyed — exactly what we strive to accomplish!

Pick up one of our Organic Chopped Salad Kits at your local Whole Foods Market and share your story with us! We guarantee it will be #loveatfirstbite!